Available programs

1. Health Data Quality Program

2. GDPR and Information Governance Program

3. Identification of Medicinal Products for End Users and Suppliers (c/o UNICOM)

1. Health Data Quality Program

The Health Data Quality Program delivers a comprehensive series of online trainings that cover key aspects of using health data in clinical research including hospital information systems and electronic health record, data protection regulations, clinical research informatics, interoperability, as well as data quality assessment and monitoring in clinical trials. The program is designed for healthcare professionals who routinely capture health data, and for clinical research personnel who use health data to plan and execute clinical trials. The content of the program helps to understand the value of that data to the organization and to patients, for safe and effective continuity of care and for clinical research. The program has been designed by a multidisciplinary consortium supported by EIT Health.

EIT Health

Consortium: Sanofi, Janssen, AstraZeneca, The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, Université de Rouen, Sorbonne Université and RAMIT vzw.

The eLearning program includes three courses:

There is a discounted price of €400 when enrolling in all three courses. To avail of this, kindly contact academy@i-hd.eu.

2. GDPR and Information Governance Program
This program offers an exclusive insight into the General Data Protection Regulation’s impact on health data driven research and innovation as experienced by experts from across the health innovation sector. The speakers, working in the legal, ethical, ICT, data management and patient representative professions, will share their knowledge and experience on key aspects of data protection in the field of healthcare innovation. They will discuss and explore practical experience and solutions, best practices and approaches for compliance, data breach management, failures and prosecutions, meaningful public engagement, security, novel technologies and forthcoming regulation (including the AI Regulation and Data Governance Act) and  more.

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3. Identification of Medicinal Products for End Users and Suppliers

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Healthcare professionals, particularly prescribers and dispensers, often encounter challenges in ensuring continuity of treatment or safely providing additional medication to patients who obtained their medicines in another country. This arises due to the national licensing and marketing of medicinal products, leading to variations in product names, packaging, and formulations across borders. Identifying equivalent products becomes error-prone, posing risks to patient safety. The ISO IDMP standards address this by providing globally unique identifiers for medicinal products and ensuring consistent representation of product details in computable formats. Implementation of IDMP facilitates reliable cross-border product lookup, enabling professionals to match foreign medicines with safe equivalents in their own country, support additional supplies or prescriptions, and accurately report adverse events.

Recognizing that most healthcare professionals do not require in-depth knowledge of IDMP, this online course is structured to cater to different professional needs. Basic modules cover understanding cross-border product information, IDMP fundamentals, and common scenarios like product substitution. Additional modules offer insights into product information flow across ecosystems, relevant for research, clinical trial participation, and teaching. Advanced modules delve into medicinal product specifications, pertinent for real-world data research. This approach ensures professionals grasp the importance of an integrated healthcare ecosystem while providing tailored education based on their roles and interests.

Module A: Understanding the importance of the accurate global identification of medicinal products
Module B: Understanding the uses and flows of medicinal product information
Module C: 
Understanding the representation of medicinal product information

This course is free of charge.

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  UNICOM is an EU-funded project.